Dataset: HBSC-2001/02, ed.1.0

Variable physact60: Physically active last 7 days

Literal Question


Physical activity is any activity that increases your heart rate and makes you get out of breath some of the time.  
Physical activity can be done in sports, school activities, playing with friends, or walking to school.  
Some examples of physical activity are running, brisk walking, rollerblading, biking, dancing, skateboarding, swimming, soccer, basketball, football, & surfing. [COUNTRY SPECIFIC EXAMPLES CAN BE GIVEN]
For this next question, add up all the time you spent in physical activity each day.

Over the past 7 days, on how many days were you physically active for a total of at least 60 minutes per day?

Values Categories N
0 0 days 7505
1 1 day 14360
2 2 days 24277
3 3 days 27314
4 4 days 22567
5 5 days 19788
6 6 days 12311
7 7 days 26433
Sysmiss 7750

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 154555
Missing cases 7750
Minimum 0.0
Maximum 7.0
This variable is numeric


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