Dataset: HBSC-2005/06, ed.1.0

Variable cluster: Class/School cluster

Literal Question

The idcluster variable is used for incorporating design effects into the estimation procedure.
The objective of the syntax is to obtain a unique cluster id that can be used as a primary sampling unit (PSU) in design-based adjustment of design effects.  In the existing id system (ID1 to ID4), some countries have hierarchical id systems, were the id3 has to be combined with other ids to identify the class. In most survey packages (SPSS Complex, Stata SVY commands) it is preferable to have a single variable that uniquely identifies the primary sampling unit. The variable idcluster provides unique information.  

The objective of this spss syntax is to obtain a common and unique cluster id for the PSU, to be used in complex survey analysis.

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 205938
Missing cases 0
Minimum 1001.0
Maximum 41208.0
Mean 20888.95
This variable is numeric


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