Dataset: HBSC-2005/06, ed.1.0

Variable breakfastwd: Breakfast weekdays

Literal Question

MQ5. How often do you usually have breakfast (more than a glass of milk or fruit juice)?
Please tick one box for weekdays and one box for weekend

Values Categories N
1 Never 32215
2 One day 8303
3 Two days 9315
4 Three days 12496
5 Four days 10418
6 Five days 121032
Sysmiss 12159

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 193779
Missing cases 12159
Minimum 1.0
Maximum 6.0
Mean 4.67
This variable is numeric


Source: HBSC survey 2001/02.

Description:  A measure on frequency of breakfast consumption in order to identify those who regularly skip this meal, which is generally considered an important factor in a healthy lifestyle.  Skipping breakfast has been associated with other health compromising behaviours, such as substance use and reduced cognitive functioning. The question is split between weekdays and weekends to identify those who do not eat breakfast on a school day.


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