Dataset: HBSC-2005/06, ed.1.0

Variable softdrinks: Drink coke/soft drinks

Literal Question

MQ6. How many times a week do you usually eat or drink .... ?  
D. Coke or other soft drinks that contain sugar

PostQuestion Text

Please tick one box for each line

Values Categories N
1 Never 16556
2 Less than once a week 34450
3 Once a week 34690
4 2-4 days a week 45385
5 5-6 days a week 22340
6 Once daily 19572
7 More than once daily 30875
Sysmiss 2070

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 203868
Missing cases 2070
Minimum 1.0
Maximum 7.0
Mean 4.004
This variable is numeric


Source: HBSC surveys 1985/06, 1989/90, 1993/94, 1997/98, 2001/02 (revised: response categories expanded; 'raw' and 'cooked' vegetables combined into one item 'vegetables').  

Description:  These four items represent broad indicators of healthy (fruit and vegetables) and unhealthy (sweets and soft drinks) food consumption.


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