Dataset: HBSC-2005/06, ed.1.0

Variable talkopposex: Talk to friend opposite sex

Literal Question

MQ34. How easy is it for you to talk to the following persons about things that really bother you?  
I. Friend of oppsite sex?

PostQuestion Text

Please tick one box for each line

Values Categories N
1 Very easy 34829
2 Easy 63068
3 Difficult 46897
4 very difficult 23687
5 Don`t have or see this person 15602
Sysmiss 21855

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 184083
Missing cases 21855
Minimum 1.0
Maximum 5.0
Mean 2.577
This variable is numeric


Source: HBSC surveys1985/86, 1989/90, 1993/94, 1997/98, 2001/02.   

Description: A measure of communication with family members and friends as an indicator of the quality of relationships.


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