Dataset: HBSC-2005/06, ed.1.0

Variable studtogether: Students like being together

Literal Question

MQ44. Here are some statements about the students in your class(es).  Please show how much you agree or disagree with each one.  
A. The students in my class(es) enjoy being together

PostQuestion Text

Please tick one box for each line

Values Categories N
1 Strongly agree 60025
2 Agree 84143
3 Neither agree nor disagree 41321
4 Disagree 11612
5 Strongly disagree 4635
Sysmiss 4202

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 201736
Missing cases 4202
Minimum 1.0
Maximum 5.0
Mean 2.091
This variable is numeric


Source:  HBSC 1993/94, 1997/98, 2001/02 (revised: introductory text revised to specify students; response categories changed to agree/disagree from 'always'….'never')

Description: These three items are intended to form a composite scale to measure social support from classmates.


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