Dataset: HBSC-2013/14, ed.1.1

Variable injuract: Activity when injured

PreQuestion Text

Many young people get hurt or injured from activities such as playing sports or fighting with others at different places such as the street or home. Injuries can include being poisoned or burned.  Injuries do not include illnesses such as Measles or the Flu.  The following questions are about injuries you may have had during the past 12 months.

Literal Question

If you had more than one injury, think only about the one most serious injury (the injury that took the most time to get better) that you had during the past 12 months.
What were you doing when this one most serious injury happened?
Tick the box that best describes what you were doing.

Values Categories N
1 Not injured 96807
2 Biking 8285
3 Playing or training 29779
4 Walking/running 8995
5 Riding/Driving in a car 1897
6 Fighting 2635
7 Work 1084
8 Other activity 21756
Sysmiss 42842

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 171238
Missing cases 42842
This variable is numeric


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