Dataset: HBSC-2013/14, ed.1.1

Variable cbullpict: Cyberbullied by pictures

PreQuestion Text

Here are some questions about bullying. We say a student is being bullied when another student, or a group of students, say or do nasty and unpleasant things to him or her. It is also bullying when a student is teased repeatedly in a way he or she does not like or when he or she is deliberately left out of things. But it is not bullying when two students of about the same strength or power argue or fight. It is also not bullying when a student is teased in a friendly and playful way.

Literal Question

How often have you been bullied in the following ways?  
Someone took unflattering or inappropriate pictures of me without permission and posted them online.

Values Categories N
1 Haven't 178935
2 Once or twice 11651
3 2-3 times per month 1860
4 Once/week 903
5 Several times/week 1921
Sysmiss 18810

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 195270
Missing cases 18810
This variable is numeric


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